Saturday, September 04, 2004

History of MRI website from NAS

There's an excellent, in-depth reference article on the National Academy of Sciences's website about the historical development of MRI. It's grouped into the following sections, each of which are multiple pages:
  1. Summary
  2. Signals from Spinning Nuclei
  3. The Experiments of I. I. Rabi
  4. A Different Kind of Resonance
  5. Listening for Echoes
  6. The Science of Imaging
  7. From Structure to Function
  8. Credits

I think the in-depth focus on Isidor Rabi's work is appropriate. The site frames the history as a march towards functional imaging, but is quite comprehensive with numerous illustrations and even a nifty Timeline feature. Well worth bookmarking, especially if you're a grad student writing your Background section of your dissertation :)

UPDATE: This condensed History of MRI page is also very useful.

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